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The Best Teas For a Sinus Infection

The Best Teas For a Sinus Infection

What is the best type of tea for sinus congestion and irritation?

The best teas for sinus infections, to help ease sinus pain and congestion, are those teas that will keep you hydrated, lessen inflammation, and thin out all that pesky mucus. 

As a person who is allergic to all sundry things, including dust, sinus irritation and infections are ailments that I know well. So I went looking for the best tea to help relieve some of the awful pressure and discomfort I feel when my sinuses are inflamed. 

I found that though the heat and steam from pretty much any type of tea helped me, there were a few types of tea that helped the most. These were teas with properties that help ease the symptoms of sinus irritation. They made sure I kept hydrated, eased the inflammation in my sinuses and diluted some of the mucus build up in my sinus system. 

The Teas

Ginger Teas

Ginger has long been used to treat a variety of ailments, and recent scientific studies have shown that ginger has broad antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, among others. In addition, ginger has a heat and warmth that feels nice when your sinuses are inflamed. 

Though a ginger tisane is nice on its own, ginger can also be a component of tisanes with other ingredients for taste or health benefits. For instance, The Art of Tea’s Breathe Tea features ginger, bergamot, turmeric, and chili for a spicy, but rounded drink. Likewise, Tea Drop’s Citrus Ginger Tea goes with the tried and true combination of citrus and ginger to create a balanced and healthful tisane. 

Peppermint Teas

One of the reasons people often turn to peppermint teas when they are feeling unwell is because of its tingling flavor and mild sweetness. It turns out that that tingling flavor, provided by a compound called menthol (yes, the very same chemical compound used in Vick’s Vapor Rub) has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. 

It is these properties of peppermint tea that can help relieve the symptoms of sinus congestion and irritation. Luckily there are some very good tisanes either based on peppermint or containing a mixture of peppermint and other herbs and flavors available. Some of them are Moroccan Mint Tea from Art of Tea, Sweet Peppermint Tea Drops, Celestial Seasoning Wellness Tea Sinus Soother, and Minus Sinus Tea by Four Elements.

Eucalyptus Teas

Eucalyptus is one of those flavors that makes itself known very clearly. Some people find it less than pleasant while others find it soothing. Either way, eucalyptus oil may help relieve congestion thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of 1,8 cineole contained in the plant. 

I personally do not like the taste of eucalyptus, but if it’s something you enjoy there are some highly recommended eucalyptus teas on the market such as Buddha Teas’ Eucalyptus Leaf Tea,  and Yogi Breathe Deep Tea. In addition, Minus Sinus Tea, mentioned above, also contains eucalyptus, as does Loose Leaf Tea Market’s Sinus Relief Tea.

Other Helpful Teas

Other teas that may benefit sinus congestion sufferers are teas that contain stinging nettle or turmeric. Both of these were found to have anti-inflammatory and contain a high level of antioxidants in the studies linked above. The Art of Tea’s Breathe Tea, mentioned above, contains turmeric, and My Tea Drop has a well-liked Turmeric Drop. Likewise, Buddha Teas’ Turmeric and Ginger Tea gives you the double whammy of both healthful roots.

Teas that contain stinging nettle are a bit harder to find, however the Minus Sinus Tea, mentioned above, contains stinging nettles. However, it should be noted that one should not drink teas or tisanes with stinging nettle in them while pregnant, as it could alter the menstrual cycle. Likewise, you should not ingest or use stinging nettle if you are taking a blood thinner or anticoagulant. Finally, there is some evidence that stinging nettle could interfere with blood sugar management, so diabetics should take care and monitor their sugar carefully if using stinging nettle. For more information on precautions when using stinging nettle, see here.

What to Look For in Sinus Relief Tea

When looking for a tea to help with sinus congestion, it is a good idea to stick to teas that contain the above scientifically tested ingredients. Many of the companies that produce these teas also tend to use organic ingredients, which is always a plus. If it is important to you can also search out companies that strive to be environmentally friendly, fair trade, and/or minority-owned, such as My Tea Drop, for instance.

Most importantly, though, you should choose a tea that you like drinking. One of the best ways to combat sinus pressure and pain is to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of tea can help with that. 

So whether you’re a person who regularly suffers from sinus congestion, or a person who gets a sinus headache every once in a while, check out some of the great teas listed above and start on the road to wellness.

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