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Tea Guides

Best Teas

Love Love Tea?
With So Many To Choose From, Let’s Find Out Which is the Best Tea for You


Tea – so ubiquitous one can almost overlook it, yet it’s by far the most popular drink on the planet for a reason. From the humble mug of tea to the finest Chinese tea ceremonies, there is a tea for every taste and occasion. But with so many varieties to choose from, it’s hard to know which is the right one for you. 

That’s where our team of tea tasters comes in. Each of us is a connoisseur of the art of brewing, and yes, we all love a mug of hot tea on a cold evening. So let us lead you on a journey to your new favorite tea. 



In simple terms, a tea is an infusion of a plant in water. Usually that means the leaves, although fruits, such as lemons, and roots such as ginger can also be used to make teas. Most tea comes from the tea bush, Camellia sinensis, whose leaves are processed in different ways to make a variety of teas. 

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Best red tea
Best yellow tea
Best loose leaf tea for iced tea
Best black tea for iced tea
Best black tea
Best green tea
Best chai tea
Best matcha tea
Best Jasmine tea
Best rock tea 


Tea Ware

So now you have your tea, it’s time to brew it to perfection. For that, you’ll need the right equipment. 

Best Chinese tea sets
Best Japanese tea sets
Best Korean tea sets
Best fancy tea sets
Best porcelain tea sets
Best tea strainers
Best tea pots
Best travel kettles
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Best iced tea sets


Tea Recipes
We have our tea, we have our equipment, it’s time to get brewing! If you think making tea is just a matter of dropping a tea bag in hot water, think again. These recipes will take your tea drinking to a whole new level. 

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How to make London fog
How to make strawberry milk tea
How to make tea bombs
How to make thai milk tea boba
How to make bellini peach raspberry iced tea
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How to make summertime tea
How to make vanilla chai tea latte


Tea Is Healthy

Tea isn’t just a tasty beverage. For centuries, teas have been drunk for their health-giving properties. Take a look at these guides to find out how tea can aid with some common ailments. 

Best tea for sinus infection
Best tea for weight loss
Best tea for sleep
Best tea for congestion
Best tea for constipation
Best tea for anxiety
Best tea for acid reflux
Best tea for bloating
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